Second Annual Mystery Weekend

Trip Leader - Richard Chapman

15-16th September 2018

With weeks of anticipation and a few Facebook teasers behind us we woke to a stunning QLD morning. We met up with the club’s newest members (Des & Karen) not far from our place, and the two C6s cruised up the M1 to the meeting point in Brendale where the numbers grew and the rumours started as to where we might be going.  After all the Vettes were fully fuelled, our Trip Leader Richard briefed the eager crowd for the first stage of the trip. Heading off to Destination 1 we travelled through Samford Valley and over Mount Glorious, passing Lake Wivenhoe  and we ended up in Lowood for breakfast and a cuppa. We parked across the road from the Café and the Corvettes were the centre of attention in the town.

Whilst enjoying our morning tea, we had a request for a photo shoot in front of the local ambulance station as they were having their Open Day. So we lined up outside the station in front of all the machines on display. After a short stay taking photos and meeting the Ambos, Paramedic, Lord Mayor and the Federal member, we passed the hat around and made a group donation for the fundraising sausage sizzle they were running. The ladies found a novel way of burning off the breakfast calories on the nearby public gym equipment!

Leaving Lowood, we headed off to Destination 2 Passing over Mount Tarampa towards Gatton.  There were a few times that due to the Corvette Friendly Road Conditions, we might have exceeded the localy posted speed limit!!  A few back roads later and more Corvette Friendly Roads, we arrived in Allora for lunch at the local pub. An unplanned parade and U turn down the main street we parked and had a relaxing lunch break. After lunch, just up the road from the pub was a house that the author of Mary Poppins lived in. Mona and Jo had a nice tour through the house and one of the workers also owns a Corvette and was very interested in both Ray’s and Colin’s C3s. He didn’t blink an eyelid at the new modes!!

Leaving the house for fuel at the local petrol station, we were stalked by a clearly marked police car just waiting for us to encounter some more Corvette Friendly Roads. With the boys in blue out of sight, we headed for Destination 3. Passing through Warwick and to our surprise, we ended up at the Cherrabah Resort where we checked in. Unpacked, we all met up for a traditional gutter party where we could unwind from a great first day’s driving. Stories emerged of the Corvette Friendly Roads and the amount over the posted speed limit we might or might not have exceeded!!

Unfortunately, due to the lack of time we couldn’t take advantage of the activities the resort had to offer…

Quad Bike Riding, Clay Target Shooting and horse riding will have to wait until next time we venture there! Getting close to dinner time, we showered and dressed up for a dinner. Meeting in the dining area, the numbers grew as all wore a varied assortment of yellow attire including Colin and Marie’s Bumble Bee outfit that later won the Best Costume prize. A Hat and glasses from Peter & Katrina were a close runner up.

With a feed behind us, more drinks were had and soon the table was broken up into two groups of men and women for a healthy game of Charades. Both groups had to write down Movies or TV shows for the other team to guess. With the help of Google the women pipped the men by 1 point….laughing, screaming, pointing and accusations of cheating were rife through the game. With that over, some went to bed and others took advantage of the plush couches. Some of the Ladies decided to stay up, with loud music, laughs and breaking out the Nutbush City Limits moves getting them to the point of bed time.

Breakfast was at 8:00am and surprisingly all looked fine and stories of the previous night emerged. Photos on phones had time stamps well into the morning hours!! A discussion to forgo the resort activities again for an early start to Destination 4 was made and we packed up and met at the resort exit for final group photos. Taking off from the resort in another sunny QLD day, we headed towards the border and through the Queen Mary Falls where the roads were tight and sometimes more suitable for a 4WD but our Corvettes met the challenge!! The views for the passengers were stunning but the drivers were 100% focused on the roads and the oncoming, well equipped 4WD’s as they looked at us with WTF faces!!!

It seems that we couldn’t get away from the types of Corvette Friendly Roads that had plagued the day before and we had no choice but to oblige and it wasn’t long before we pulled up at our final stop in Boonah. After a nibble at the local cafe and an impromptu award ceremony, we all said goodbye and pre-booked for next year’s run.

To say we had a great weekend would be an understatement and I would like to thank Richard & Jo for their hours of pre-planning and organizing that made it the great success it was, even with the Corvette Friendly Roads!! And also a big thanks to everyone who came along. It’s a great event and with a side effect of some great bonding, who could ask for more??


Craig & Vicki