GlassHouse Mountains

GlassHouse Mountains Lunch Run

Sunday 5th November 2017

The first group of Corvettes assembled at the BP North Roadhouse where Desley gave them a “Brief” briefing (we know it was brief as the last 4 Corvettes in the convoy turned off at the wrong intersection!!). As the front part of the convoy headed up to the Shell Roadhouse to meet up with the North Coast group, we made our way to the Glass House Mountains Hotel (luckily, the road the back group took also lead to the same destination !!).

Here we parked the cars and headed into the Hotel where we confirmed our reservation for lunch. Settled down with drinks while waiting for the lunch counter to open (we were a little early!), and once it opened, we placed our orders and the service was very speedy especially the quick delivery of the meals which were excellent.

After a great lunch and a lot of chitchat, it was time to say our goodbyes and head back home. Thank you to the 20 people, 9 Corvettes and one “ring-in” who attended and made it all worthwhile.

Desley – Trip Leader