2017 Caloundra BBQ

Caloundra Xmas BBQ and Club Meeting

Sunday 10th December 2017

Once again Kim and Gary hosted the traditional beach side BBQ on the foreshore at Golden Beach, Caloundra. This time we also included the monthly Club meeting. The event was well attended by over 30+ club members giving the local Golden Beach population a great display of gleaming Corvettes! 

Kim and Gary arrived real early – I think around 6:00 am on Sunday morning to secure our normal spot and started setting up for arrival of other members. Desley and I got there about 9:00 am to help give a hand although they, by then, had most things done. 

Members who were not coming in the Brisbane convoy started turning from about 10:00 am with the main convoy arriving just after 10:30 am – luckily this time Bill did not get lost in the Golden Beach Woolworths Car Park !!!!!!  


After some socialising, Garth got the meeting under way and after this was over it was time for lunch followed by some truly delicious desserts and of course the Xmas Raffle.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and around 1:30 pm we started making our way home to avoid the late afternoon traffic jam that normally occurs on the Highway. Many thanks to Kim and Gary for all their hard work in organising this great run.

The Ed