2018 Gold Coast 600

Craig , Vicki (GPS) and Richard

Saturday 20th October 2018

Both Richard & Jo and Vicki and I are also members of the Gold Coast Muscle Car Association and through the club we had an offer to display our cars at the Gold Coast 600 over the weekend.

Working Friday we couldn’t go and with Jo NZ bound and Vicki staying home, Richard and I had a 4:30am start on Saturday were we headed to the track as we needed to be in and parked before the track was closed.

All parked we ogled the various Muscle Cars in the club as well as the convertibles for the Drive Parade Lap the club runs, and help set up Tent City for the many members and partners and children at the track.

The day was a long one, as we walked around the track a few times stopping for a rest here and there and bumping into and chatting to people we knew.

Racing and Crashes were a plenty and it wasn’t long before it was all over and everyone was packing up. As our admission tickets included the concert we took advantage of it and wandered slowly to the Broadwater Parklands and watched a bit of Sheppard then Live.

Our bodies were starting to fail us and giving strong messages of lets go home before Foreigner could start. So we headed back to our cars parked in the track that were under the supervision of some friends.

Seated and fired up we headed towards the track exit but when we got there we were told to go left to the next exit to Main Beach…

Not sure what happened next as I may have got a bug in my eye and we drove past the exit on the track and headed down the Main Straight Side By Side…. Looking over at the V8 Pits we could see a large number of team members looking at us with total amazement saying there’s two yellow Corvettes driving down Main Straight!! (See the Video).

So when we got to the Surfers Paradise end of the track (South Exit), we must have missed that one as well and had no choice but to do a full lap of the track to the sounds of random punters yelling at us “Give it to them” and “Way to go fellas” and many more things. Getting back to where we started, the gate guy said what are you two doing on the track to which I replied I didn’t see the exit. After a brief explanation how to get off the track, we headed off again and the thoughts of a wise old man come to me that went something like this:

“Your driving a pair of yellow Corvettes and the front straight is just around the corner. Don’t be a fool and do another lap.” 

So we did another side by side trip down the Main Straight and once again we had pit crews looking and pointing.

My GPS punched me in the arm and said what are you doing? Are you two going to keep doing laps all night??  The wise old man said “yes” but this one said lets get off the track…

So exiting via the Surfers Paradise end we headed a tad further south turning into Cavil Ave to see the sites (and show off our rides) passing rev-head after rev-head they pointed and yelled “Lit em up guys!” and other things…

So after another reminder from the GPS, we headed off home to sit down to a well earned brew and storytelling.

Unfortunately, the weather hampered our day on Sunday but the Saturday night events give us our Vette fix for the weekend!


Craig, Vicki (GPS) & Richard

2018 Gold Coast 600
2018 Gold Coast 600
2018 Gold Coast 600
2018 Gold Coast 600